Sustainable Development in Action

Enabling Business Owners, Corporate and Political Leaders Deal With the Complexities of Successfully Implementing Sustainable Development With a Cohesive Approach.

Who Am I?

As a child I loved the trees and the river. At that time, I thought that this connection had nothing to do with professional life. After graduating in business administration, I focused on figures but worked in the public social department. For the social workers numbers were a threat at first, while my challenge was their endless discussions. But we worked together, and I experienced how to link profit and people in a meaningful way. My passion for such connections led me to coaching. Since nature has always been a resource of my well-being, I integrated ecological perspectives into my coaching. The connection of people, profit, planet is the sustainable transformation. It is a challenge and sometimes a struggle for best solutions. It can lead to inefficient meetings and conflict. But differences can be connected, and transformation can be realized. Through the last 20 years, as sustainability has gained increasing importance, I have worked with organisations eager to bridge the gaps. As a result I’ve come to mentor organisations in conflict and implementation breakthrough and even seen innovation success.

About My Program


Who It Is For?

I work with business owners, corporate and political leaders who want to incorporate sustainable development in their day to day operations but they’re struggling with all of the different stakeholders they are accountable to, which are holding back major changes. I work with them to reach an understanding with all the party’s involved so that the sustainable development changes can be implemented and fulfilled.


Who It Is Not For?

The offer does not apply to those who have profit maximisation as their sole objective or those who seek to deliberately manipulate or deliberately exploit stakeholders.

Module One

Conversation Dynamics


You know the dynamics of communication processes that enables participants to observe and to analyse it in order to change the discussion towards a higher impact for sustainable development


Do some of your meetings are going in circles instead of forward? When you understand its dynamic you can change it.

Module Two

Breakthrough Dull Work


Initiate a breeze of fresh air that transforms a deadlocked communication into a real lively exchange in a high diversity group


You and your team will find the drive moving forward again. You know how to lead your meetings. Together with your team you are back on the track to more sustainable solutions.

Module Three

Bringing Goals Into a Cohesion


Knowing the powerful interventions to shift away from individual goals and to define a common goal among the various actors involved


Instead of a common goal, are there different goals in your meetings? These conflicting goals can severely disturb the common progress. Unite all actors by a common goal to increase the power of sustainability.

Module Four

Success Gage Parameters’ Setup Across Stakeholders


Co-creation of the perceived indicators for the common goal from each stakeholder perspective


The different perspective connecting actors with the common goal. This co-creates a dynamic within the group, which is attracted by the goal.

Module Five

Prepare the Multi-cultural Landscape for Powerful Engagement


Anticipate the perspective of your stakeholders across different cultural and professional backgrounds and set the foundation for effective workshops


Draw a map of your culturally and professionally diverse actors from different generations so that you can put on their shoes and connect with their individual goals subsumed in the common goal.

Module Six

Full-hearted Workshop Engagement


Prepare and facilitate enriching and passionate workshops in which all invited actors are highly involved


Set the agenda and structure your workshop. Recognize the appropriate and most useful setting from a wide range of different possibilities.

Module Seven

Power and Pain of the New


Know the pain of newborn ideas and the process of innovation that activates individual resilience when connected with the overarching purpose


New ideas and innovation processes are vulnerable because there are no past experiences that provide security. Protect yourself and your team’s worthwhile ideas and navigate between Scylla and Charybdis until they become innovations that contribute to sustainable development and a better future.

Module Eight

The System of Implementation


Mapping the depth of participation of all stakeholders. You know your system and its environment.


You recognize who is important for the implementation and understand how they can participate and feel part of the common success

Module Nine

Designing the Change Management Project


You create your specific change management project design and guide a successful implementation of Sustainable Development in your organization, region, state, etc.


The visual map of your change project is the footing for all parties involved. It provides security and stability during the entire process of change.

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